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Types of Fingerprinting

Florida FDLE Live-Scan

911OccMed offers a full range of fingerprinting services at your location or ours.

  • Ink
  • Live-Scan

You may provide your own card or we have FD-258 Cards we can provide you. Usually DPS will need these for a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card. We only use the best Ink, and properly prepare your prints with tamper proof tape.

Live-Scan fingerprint capture electronic system that captures your digital prints and prints them on FD-258 cards, reducing returned or rejected prints. Prints can be saved for up to one year, and you can come back to our location to have them re-printed or mailed out upon request.

Need a team fingerprinted at your location? $65 per hour, with a two hour minimum Trip Free.

Drug Testing and Notary Mobile Services also available

Walk In Fingerprinting Services in Phoenix Arizona

Are you in need of fingerprinting services for licensing purposes in Arizona? Look no further than 911OccMed, a drug testing service business that also offers fingerprinting services in Phoenix and Chandler.

At 911OccMed, we offer both ink fingerprinting and live scan fingerprinting at both of our locations in Phoenix and Chandler. Our services are available on a walk-in basis, so you don’t need to make an appointment. Simply visit us during our business hours and we’ll take care of your fingerprinting needs.

Our fingerprinting services are perfect for individuals who need to get licensed for different occupations in Arizona, such as healthcare professionals, real estate agents, and more. We understand the importance of accurate and timely fingerprinting, and we strive to provide fast and reliable service to our customers.

So why wait? Come to 911OccMed for all your fingerprinting needs in Phoenix and Chandler. We look forward to serving you!

Types of Fingerprinting in Chandler Arizona

  1. Ink Fingerprinting: This is a traditional method of taking fingerprints that involves applying ink to the fingers and then pressing them onto a fingerprint card. Ink fingerprinting is often required for certain background checks, such as those for employment or licensing purposes.

  2. Live Scan Fingerprinting: This is a digital method of taking fingerprints that uses an electronic scanner to capture an image of the fingerprints. Live scan fingerprinting is often required for certain government applications, such as for immigration or visa purposes.

  3. Mobile Fingerprinting: This is a service where a fingerprinting technician comes to your location to take your fingerprints. Mobile fingerprinting is often used for large groups or organizations that need to get multiple people fingerprinted at the same time.

  4. Background Check Fingerprinting: This is a service where fingerprints are taken for the purpose of conducting a background check. Background check fingerprinting is often required for employment or volunteer opportunities, and is used to verify an individual’s criminal history and other personal information.

911OccMed Fingerprinting Locations in Phoenix and Chandler Arizona